Bohémien - La Parata del Circo

(NT004 - CD 2005)


After two year from the first official release, "Danze pagane", the Bohemien are back with new astonishing EP.
La parata del Circo contains four new songs: "La parata del circo", "Anemia (da qui all'eternità)", "Nell'ora dell'enigma" and "Specchio". Even with the typical Bohemien sound these 4 new songs outline a more marked inclination for a deathrock/horror sound, with a different use of the keyboards, more relevant in the melodic and the rhythmic part of the songs.

The EP includes also two bonus tracks, "Anemia" English version and "Anemia", remixed by S*phz (Il Giardino Violetto) with an elettrogoth/ebm old school sound.

La Parata del Circo was released in occasion of their participation to the Drop Dead Festival in New York City (28-31 October 2005).


1. La parata del circo
2. Anemia (da qui all'eternita)
3. Nell'ora dell'enigma
4. Specchio
5. Anemia (english version)
6. Anemia (S*phz remix)