Other Voices - Anatomy of a Pain

(NT005 - CD 2005)


In a small town in the south of Italy 3 boys with a passion for the english new wave, decide to create a band. The place were the live is light-years far from the musical scene of the grat cities and from all the alternative musical movements, but the desire to express thier feelings burns inside thier hearts. So, Domenico Cirillo (Bass), Giuseppe Dromì (guitar) and Enzo Amato (voice), with the addiction of Francesco Misiti (drums), at the end of the 90s form the Other Voices. They start to play live in their region proposing a classic gothic repertory. In the meantime they start to compose their first songs.

In 2004 they decide to start to record their some of this songs, releasing a demo cd.
Their first official release, the cd "Anatomy of a pain", is out in November 2005
The actual band members are: Giuseppe Dromì (guitar), Domenico Cirillo (bass), Enzo Amato (voice), Francesco Misiti (Bdrums) e Giuseppe Piccolo (guitar).

"One of the main reasons behind this album is the necessisty of tell ourselves to the others. The morbid need of translating into music the "emotional hurricane" which has overwhelmed our lives, from 1998, that is the first time that any of us started to play a musical instrument, till today.
Eight songs which are like a diary, a notebook in which, moment after moment, we have written what happened around and (above all) inside us.

Lyrics apparently based on the imaginary, but full of symbolisms that recall moments from our life, and which makes Anatomy of a pain a deeplly autobiographic album."




1. Sphere’s music
2. March of larvae
3. Well’s anomalies
4. The dress of desire
5. ...But A Chill Runs Along Your Spine...
6. In His Words
7. Garlic
8. Anatomy of a pain